5 know how’s of Executive hiring companies in Kenya.


Methodologies of recruiting top executives through Headhunting

May-27-2019 / By Admin / Recruitment

Headhunting companies in Kenya use a variety of techniques to gain access to top talent and interest from professional job seekers. But this is not the only thing which can get you the best job seeker from the market. Companies are facing difficulties when they have to hire top management employees because any wrong hiring for the vacancy can cost them a lot.

Executive hiring companies in Kenya follow different strategies while assessing the candidate profiles. Several companies are not able to hire the candidates even though they have consulted with the recruitment service providers. This could be due to lack of resources and technology of that firm. Leading C-Level hiring companies bring competent and qualified job seekers to their contracted clients with the utmost secrecy in the process.

1. Cold Calling

This is the basic step of recruitment and just like the traditional one. HR teams have to call candidates to seek their interest in new job vacancy. Cold calls are based on data gathered from various online and offline sources. HR and team collect updated resumes for further processing.

2. Perfect head hunting description

This step includes the information related to job opening. Headhunting companies in Kenya are focused on strategies to project the best pitch for benefits and perks related to the opening. They even help candidates to choose the best available options. The main motive of recruiter is to create interest of active and passive job seekers. 
3. Find Exceptional Candidates

The next step is shortlisting the skilled candidates, shortlisting are based on the experience, skills, location and salary related to the company job vacancy disclosures. The team analyze each and every resume manually and shortlist the most appropriate one. Head hunters avoid any discrepancy at this level and if they think things can be managed they do it with proper explanation.

4. Explain financial growth

Top management employees like to work with companies with stable or increasing financial growth. Recruiters explain many facts about the organization and highlight the company as a brand to them. Many professional recruiters lack it when it comes to salary perks and candidates feel brain drain at this point. Skilled Candidates leave their designation and move to another one due to various reasons but 89 percent of times it is related to paychecks.

5. Follow up effectively

An effective follow-up is important and when you miss this with top professional employees you may miss the chance to talk to them or convince them for the next round. It is better to be in touch with them via a phone call or an email.  Many candidates who get rejected for the interview never receive another call from recruiters and it feels like they have completely closed the door. Head hunting companies in Kenya work with perfection to  provide constructive feedback to the applicants.  
Headhunting companies in Kenya are trying to sell the job opening with most promising and analytical skills to deal with the upcoming new challenges. Acreaty Kenya is a leading recruitment company that provides the best services to employers and candidates.