Supply Chain & Marketing Support

Supply Chain & Marketing Support

Supply Chain & Marketing Support

Supply Chain Management is the whole process encompassing all logistics management activities. It is an integrating function with prime responsibility for linking business processes and functions into an organized, cohesive and high-performing business model. When a supply chain of the organization is managed at the operational, tactical and strategic levels - it has the best chance to boost the ROI of the company.

With international trade expanding and demand of effective supply chain operations around the Globe, third-party logistics providers have taken on an increasingly important role to reduce the Company's extra burden. Acreaty Kenya offers a complete Logistics and supply chain management services in Kenya. We act as true partners to our clienteles, helping them overcome the business operational challenges. We use cutting-edge tools, best-in-class processes and our deep understanding of the market to help enterprises make their supply chain a competitive advantage and move beyond cost savings.

Supply Chain management Services in Kenya

We provide wide-ranging supply chain management solutions right from planning and analysis to quality control-tailor to meet your business needs. Our team goes that extra mile to ensure that your solutions reach you on time so you have no interruptions in everyday business processes. We provide Supply Chain Management solutions that are perfectly designed to reduce and automate every single step of the supply chain process, helping us restructure and streamline your logistics operations. Our Supply Chain services in Kenya focus on a core set of capabilities including:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Distribution
  • Customer Service and Segmentation
  • Manufacturing

Our team of specialists has well-proven, ground-breaking and innovative tools that helped many organizations to be more successful in supply chain planning and execution. With our vast experience in International Logistics and supply chain management, several of our clienteles have placed their entire supply chain operation in our hands.

Benefits of Global Supply Chain Management

The optimization and operation of global supply chains by Acreaty make it possible to reduce supply chain costs. We get benefits as follows:
  • Evaluate supply chain scenarios quickly
  • Increase transparency in the entire network
  • Improve informational value
  • Cost efficient, end-to-end logistic solution
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Lower costs and improve performance
  • Access to standardized supply chain management process
  • Create synergies among manufacturers and suppliers
  • Meeting customer demands and improve efficiencies

Our expertise delivers quality services, so that customers are free to concentrate on their core business activities. Clients from diverse industries such as Healthcare, Advertising, Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemical Industries and many other sectors had already derived benefits from our effective supply chain services.

We are pioneer in supply chain-management in Kenya.Contact us

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